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March 25th, 2019 02:59:13am CDT
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for kungfu
Player ID:73114
Names registered:kungfu
Former Clans:Team Mega, Ultimate PlayerZ, Soul, ONLY HIT KILLS, Hip Hop killerz, Elite Shoter's, Team WOW, Skillz of Killers, PuRe SkiLLeRz., The Dancers Killers, SexY Players, Torture Killers, The Player 1, no Fear, beta/insight_b3, Dark Players, Rock Starz Playerz, The Fusion, Team LOVE, Strange Gaming, 2009: Team seXy, Virtual Zone, Team HATE YOU, Factory Lineage, 1 Shot To Kill, Only Defeat, T, sdfasdfas, Team Future
ICQ Number:IDIOT9423492349
Real Name:IDIOT

I really like stay with my friends.. So, They all, noobs or no can join my clan!
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