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February 24th, 2024 03:39:08pm UTC
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for Xelaxis
Player ID:83066
Names registered:decieve, xelaxis, elcachorro, rallier, orwoll, saire, sares, collide
Former Clans:Systematic Chaos, Digital Paintball School, Rescpae Of Night Team B, retixonfireteam, Team Xtr3m, Noob Killers, Insignia Trainee's, Killers 4 Ever, FarmStarz, *French Resistance*, Secret Players, oh Zero instinct, KiLL InStinct, x-Men Origins, Obliteration, prypyat, Infinite plague, Insignia, NARCISM, The Gloryhunting Assasins, Snooze, Memento Mori!, aRistocrats, New Evolution, New Xenon, High Quality
AIM Screenname:xelaxis
Forum Name:no
Real Name:anthony

I quit Paintball for moment =)