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March 26th, 2019 08:01:31pm CDT
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Digital Paint Login System Profile for btQ
Player ID:92720
Names registered:fr1ked, btq, lags, mrpeach, lachupacabra, positive, whinmyeyes, overdosed, cool2hate, zxzx
Active Clan:Stay In Line
Former Clans:Ninjas, ApPLe, CSO - Academy, Clean Sweep Order, Don't Cry, Team Ring, High Quality, Fear Without End Academy, The Ruler Death, Awe For Me, quickly game, Team c2o, Second To None, b52, [QeHs.B], oXmoZe, [QeHs], Absurd Threat, sPecial
Real Name:Alan
Forum Name:MrPeach

Anyone is willing to teach me how to aim properly nowadays?

The best [QeHs] streak: 31 (probably no one good was playing back then :D)